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Date Created:2003-09-01
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Well some would say I’m really blunt, or frank, I tell you what I feel when you ask. So if you want the truth then im the right person to ask. I'm very opiniated, and down right not afraid to express the how wrong you are (laughing) of course when your wrong. But I’m a good listener...too...so if you just want ears ...mouth can shut up...LOL let see what else I'm ambitious..more like a dreamer, sensitive , romantic. I believe in faith and karma..I can be stubborn and hard headed (knocks on head) yup that's me....well my excuse I’m a LEO grrr...

I've been told I’m very funny...my humor tends to be sarcastic, naughty and well im always telling jokes, too, yup when I want to talk serious their always asking me IS this a JOKE? *shakes head*

I'm really not into the clubs scenery nor crave it. I'm more into watching movies drinking some margaritas and chilling. I love buying handbags I have like tons...I enjoy photography if you haven't notice all the pictures on my profile LOL my sister calls me the paparazzi ..... I also enjoy the mountains, the stars, traveling.

.My name is Marta im 33, a single mom of 10 years old son. Well he's the most important person in my life.. Whom I love with everything I am. He is what I feel make each day better. His humor, smile and silly ways get me threw gloomy days. I've grown with him and he really showed me what unconditional love is. He's a very good hearted child who laughs and giggles mostly all day. He inherited his chatter box ways from his momma (points at self). He easily angers with injustices and feels it's his responsibility to try to fix the world... which scares me because he has not lived long enough to know there's a lot of injustice in this world and he won't be able to fix it all but I want to make sure that he knows he can do good things and be a person that can accomplish what he wants in life. And that I’m a proud momma no matter what.
Strengths: My son is who gives me strength...
Weaknesses: Trusting.......
Special Skills: Loving with all that I am....
Weapons: Better to have loved and lost then to had never loved at all

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